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Free Alkaline Water

Robin Colvey, owner of Lifetime Water in Solana Beach, shares that many people she talks to are shocked to discover their drinking water is acidic and toxic. “Many of us just assume the water we’re drinking is healthy and hydrating. But is it? Who is monitoring how the water is produced and labeled? Through testing and education, you can find out more about what you’re drinking and whether it’s beneficial for your body,” says this healthy water enthusiast who loves to educate others on the alkaline water that has been used by the top 100 hospitals in Japan for 43 years.

      According to Colvey, the most notable quest for physical regeneration and vitality was actually inspired by Russian and then Japanese scientists over 60 years ago. “While studying long living populations in the Himalayas, they discovered glacial water with a high pH and an amazing amount of active hydrogen and vital minerals. Through a brilliant process, people don’t need to travel to find living water. It can be produced right in your home with all the benefits of this glacial water. Come by the store and bring your water for free testing. You’ll leave with two weeks’ worth of medical grade alkaline water and discover first-hand if you feel a difference. Let the water be the confirmation.”

Location: 317 S. Hwy. 101 Solana Beach. Open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturday by appt. For more information, call 619-540-7620 or visit



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