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A New Approach to Reversing Cancer

How do you respond when life throws you a crisis like cancer; are you poised and prepared or do you feel like you just woke up in your worst nightmare? There is so much fear swirling around a cancer diagnosis when patients need to make informed decisions deciding what medical expert to work with as their treatment begins.

         With the advent of technology and so many advances in medicine, it is clear that cancer treatments have advanced, too. Immunotherapy is an important new approach to cancer because it is saving lives.

         Immunotherapy is the Star Wars approach to cancer treatment, using the T cells and natural killer cells of the immune system and ‘Awaking the Force Within’aka, the patient’s own immune system. These targeted therapies are gaining widespread approval in the United States as research hospitals are adding them to their offerings.

         For over 30 years Rubio Cancer Center in La Mesa, Mexico, has been creating and administering customized cancer vaccines to ‘wake up’ the immune system and destroy cancer. Significant preparations are given to help the vaccines work including enzyme IVs that weaken the protective protein and detoxification protocols to strengthen the efficacy as well. The center’s Medical and Research Director, Geronimo Rubio, MD, has a unique approach which also includes low dose chemotherapy and radiation, to expedite each patient’s healing. His hospital is certified by the Mexican government to create both cancer vaccines and adult stem cells.

         Dr. Rubio’s first patient was Dan, a young man in his late twenties with a glioblastoma brain tumor who was given a couple months to live. Dr. Rubio successfully healed him and Dan went on to father and raise two more children after the treatment was completed. These customized cancer vaccines can reverse advanced stage cancers anywhere in the body, as long as the immune system ignites properly.

         As a patient advocate at Rubio Cancer Center, Carolyn Gross has had the opportunity to witness many of these healings after she was healed in 2003 from stage 3 breast cancer. With a family history of breast cancer, she chose to keep her breast and work exclusively with Dr. Rubio’s approach. Gross successfully healed 14 years ago and wrote two books: Treatable and Beatable: Healing Cancer Without Surgery and she co-authored with Dr. Rubio Breaking the Cancer Code published in 2015. Breaking the Cancer Code provides detailed information on cancer vaccines to equip patients with the tools to reverse cancer with Immunotherapy.


Since 1985, Geronimo Rubio, MD, has been specializing in Immunotherapy and Adult Stem Cells. His hospital is certified by the government of Mexico to create and administer customized cancer vaccines. To schedule a consultation or to get more information, call 866-519-9960 or 760-532-2762. Visit or  



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