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Letter from Publisher

I believe we all know someone who is either battling cancer, is in remission, or has passed away from cancer. It’s mind-boggling to all of us: what works, what doesn’t work, and the stress of not knowing the answer adds to the disease. We have to really listen to our bodies, work with naturopathic doctors who focus on prevention, and customize what foods and modalities work for our individual needs.

       Being a person who loves and cares for the ocean and the marine life, I recently watched a Netflix documentary called Chasing Coral. As I put this letter together, I would call it the cancer of coral. Both beauty and death in vast quantities are portrayed all over the world’s coral reefs. I feel like cancer is another man-made environmental crisis that we have created.

       Hidden under the ocean, it’s out of sight and mind for most of us. Like mental health, it’s the last thing we look at because it’s hidden deep inside and we don’t take action until it attacks our physical health, much like dying coral affects our entire eco system.

       I finally enrolled in Julie Chippendale’s Mindfulness Class after promoting her and her class for seven years. My main goal is to enhance my meditation skills and learn to live in the moment.

       While working on my inner growth, I’m also working on Natural Awakenings’ growth and rethinking how I distribute and promote my publication to San Diego. I am vastly increasing my distribution and lowering my advertising costs. My investment and time is ignited with my passion to spread the word of natural prevention and remedies that exist and to attract more community partners to participate in my publication. It takes a village to raise a publication and health awareness. I urge my readers, practitioners, healers and others of like-mind to join us in the crusade to save our loved ones and our planet.



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Letter from The Publisher

I’m so thrilled to be on this new journey with Natural Awakenings and I leave you with the words of one of my favorite teachers, Thich Nhat Hanh, “I have arrived. I am home. My destination is each step.”

Letter from The Publisher

I mentioned in my recent May Women’s Wellness issue that June was going to be our men’s issue.

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Our May issue is devoted to women—all kinds of amazing mothers, aunts, nieces, sisters, wives, friends, and of course, our Mother Earth.

Letter from The Publisher

Mornings are my creative part of the day. I’d be participating in the March for Our Lives happening today in downtown San Diego if I didn’t have this looming magazine deadline.

Letter from The Publisher

Healthy food is our theme this month, and thankfully we are blessed to be surrounded by healthy food choices in San Diego. After a month of learning more about the gut and how food affects it, I feel inclined to default to sharing my new fascination with mealworms due to its novelty.

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