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Setbacks Can Be Setups

How many times in life do you set your goals, do the research and head in that direction, but something unexpected occurs? On your way to making a difference in life, you can sometimes get derailed.

I had my sights set on being a full-time motivational speaker and while touring my first book in 2003, I had a life interruption called stage 3 breast cancer. Being self-employed and unable to work for nearly a year I almost thought my dream was lost. But then I realized setbacks can be setups. I wrote another book, Treatable and Beatable; Healing Cancer without Surgery and took on a new role as a patient advocate and educator, bringing new expertise to my audiences.

Treatable and Beatable Carolyn GrossWe are so blessed living in this part of the world, where there are natural health experts all around. When I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer I said “no, thank you” to the mastectomy; after all, it was the exact same treatment both my grandmothers received 30 years earlier. I was certain there had to be another way out of my predicament. My research led me to a doctor in Tijuana who was using the immune system to reverse cancer along with low dose chemotherapy and radiation where needed.

Dr. Geronimo Rubio, the medical director of the Rubio Cancer Center, has made it his mission to reverse cancer using the patient’s own natural defenses—the immune system. Immunotherapy is biogenetic medicine and targeted medicine. We know this is where the future is going for sure, and Rubio is a pioneer in this field. He started his work in the area of customized cancer vaccines, developed his protocols, and never stopped.

When I was treated 11 years ago, Dr. Rubio had already developed five different cancer vaccines; today he has seven. The Dendritic cells he uses are now common at Cancer Centers of America and many integrative health centers. Immunotherapy has gotten so mainstream that Forbes magazine did a special issue on it in June and noted that pharmaceutical companies are investing in the billions.

Setbacks can be game changers. Sometimes we need a particular life experience to make us more effective, compassionate or even humble. Everyone has setbacks! The beloved Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computers, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Like everything else in his life, he found another way; unconvinced that traditional treatment could do the job in entirety. He lived 5 to 7 years longer than most. Even with cancer looming, Jobs was just as passionate in his work as ever. He introduced the iPad and iPhone to our world before he left it.Breaking the Cancer Code

So often in life we want success and more success, but don’t be surprised if a setback turns into the greatest gift of your life!

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