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Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

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Alternative currency and barter are favorite subjects of mine. Lately, cryptocurrency is “all the rage”—and for good reason. While it’s hard at first to wrap our minds around virtual currency, once we dig in, we find out that it’s actually a very simple concept—and one with boundless benefits—including protecting those who own Bitcoin with blockchain technology.

The value of Bitcoin is skyrocketing as it becomes more and more mainstream. If there was ever a time to hop on board the Bitcoin train, the time is now. A vast number of economies, banks and billionaires are backing this tender. Why? Because it’s the wave of the future. Not only does it help those who own it protect and easily grow their money, it benefits nonprofits and poor communities, too.

Understanding these new digital currencies and how they affect our global commerce and how we can use them in our daily lives is important stuff. Don’t shun what you don’t understand. Cryptocurrency is safer than the payment systems we currently have in place—as all the hacking shows us. Yes, you can buy real estate, cars, etc. while cutting out the middleman and increasing access to everyone in the market on a global basis. You are in charge of your own terms. And unlike our paper currency that keeps getting printed while being backed by more and more debt, only a specified amount of Bitcoin will be produced to ensure a safer global economy.

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