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Letter from Publisher

I have to begin by saying that as of right now, I’m feeling the holiday hustle purely via osmosis. I personally haven’t done any holiday shopping or put up any holiday decorations—heck, I didn’t even cook a single dish for Thanksgiving. Instead, I took my oldest daughter out for a healthy meal at Urban Plates, followed by a movie and a spontaneous ride all the way up to Palomar Mountain.  I’m not Scrooge, by any means; I’m just a person, like you, making the best of what life has to offer me right now. My holiday gatherings vary every year due to family dynamics, vacations, fresh opportunities and just life in general.

Change comes upon us like the seasons. We welcome the invigorating chill of winter and snow, the warmth of summer, the colors of fall, the sweet breath of spring; yet weather can bring about sudden unexpected conditions that can alter our lives quickly and forever. We surely had our share of that this year. Holidays can beat down our psyche like weather can tear down our possessions.  For many, it’s a very emotional time; we often become more vulnerable and spend more time reflecting on our gains and losses more than other times of the year.  Expectations can be like a weather disaster. Be prepared emotionally by limiting expectations and maybe even some interactions. What is, is. 'Tis the season to share joy and good will.

What do we do with holiday emotions? Wrap them up, cherish them and share your love with others in need of love. True feelings are the best gifts one can ask for.

I’ve spent many holidays filled with family and friends and some alone. Both brought joy and peace, happiness and sadness and new experiences I never would have enjoyed if change had not occurred. I cherish all of them all the same—whether filled with tears or cheers, as most holidays are filled with both. To “feel” is a gift.  And it’s really important for us to take comfort in whatever feelings come up, especially around this sentimental time of year.

Show compassion to ourselves and others in our thoughts and actions, even in our social media and technological interactions. If we can respect ourselves, one another, and all living beings on our beloved planet, we will make it a better place to live. 

Goodwill and peace to all on Earth rings so sweet and true and may it be felt in abundance all year round.

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