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Find Your Inner Bliss with Plant Medicine

An Interview with Gerard Powell, Founder of Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica

Gerard “Gerry” Powell

Gerard “Gerry” Powell

Conscious entrepreneur, thought leader and philanthropist, Gerard “Gerry” Powell, founder and CEO of Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, knows what it’s like to hit rock bottom. “My life was out of control. My wife left me; my kids wouldn’t talk to me,” recalls this former addict who, although checking himself in to one of the best rehab centers in the world, was unable to fully recover from his drug and alcohol dependence using conventional treatment methods. “However, a friend of mine, who knew how messed up I was, told me I was ‘fixable.’ She invited me to Costa Rica to visit with a shaman and I experienced plant medicine for the first time.  The next day, I knew my life had been transformed. My desire to drink was no longer there and I had a peacefulness I’d never experienced before,” shares this visionary. “Plant medicine took my understanding of existence to a whole new level I’d never even dreamed about. It’s like a spiritual blast off into the cosmos. This spiritual awakening stuff that people talk about—it’s true and certain plants can transport you out there.”

         After another plant medicine journey a few months later, Powell realized his life purpose was to share these healing plants with as many people as possible. “Our natural state of being is to be okay—to experience true peace. All that the plants do is help you return to that natural state,” he says.

         Not long after starting his search for the perfect location to open up his resort, Powell manifested his dream piece of property. After two years of filling out all the necessary forms and paperwork, Rythmia became licensed by the Costa Rican government. Powell now had his dream resort where he could offer plant medicine, spiritual teachings and other alternative modalities to his guests. “Rythmia is the place where I can share the philosophy and tools that transformed my life with others,” he says.

         Rythmia, an all-inclusive resort offering a wide variety of holistic modalities, officially welcomed its first guests in January 2016. Since opening, hundreds of people have participated in Rythmia’s medically supervised plant medicine program. “I tell people over and over again—expect miracles to happen, because they happen here. Seven people will check in and all seven will have an awakening during their stay. By the time they check out, all seven of them will cry because the experience has been so life-transforming. There’s nothing more fulfilling to me than seeing people’s lives change like that,” says Powell.

         Powell, along with his fiancé, Brandee Alessandra, is aware that many people are new to plant medicine. “While it may seem out there to some, plant medicine has been around for thousands of years and is once again becoming an alternative healing modality,” he says. 

         “At Rythmia, we offer a complete program for body, mind and spirit,” says Alessandra. “If you want to experience plant medicine but don’t want to head to the jungles of Peru, we invite you to come to our beautiful resort where we offer a safe, medically supervised plant medicine program. It’s the future of healing. And it’s available here, right now, in a place that offers that motherly love you’re seeking. Everybody’s happy to see you.”

         “Yes,” agrees Powell. “Everybody here really is happy to see you. What gives us the most joy is when we see people come alive again. Many folks check in and they’re feeling dead inside. When they check out, they’re inspired and so full of life, enthusiasm and energy.”

         Visitors to the resort can benefit from the teachings of other visionaries, including Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith whose life transformation program, The Answer is You, is included in every guest’s stay.  They can also participate in Powell’s Truthenomics program, a manifestation course that teaches the science of abundance through honesty. Through the course teachings, students learn this powerful system that helps them align their talents and desires with the laws of the universe in order to manifest what they truly desire in their lives. “The whole course is based in truth. When you see the truth, everything else just goes away,” shares Powell.  “What is the benefit of going toward the truth? Freedom! That molecular opportunity for change occurs the moment you tell the truth.  During this course, we learn to get true about all the different parts that make up you. We have such an investment in our own stories that aren’t really true. Once you are clear, you can get to the truth about who you are. The most positive thing you can do is tell the truth about yourself to yourself.”

         In addition, Rythmia is an “everything-included” resort where guests can enjoy daily Prana Vinyasa yoga by Shiva Rea, the Dead Sea Cleanse, massages, organic farm-to-table meals and fresh juices at Roots Restaurant, and so much more. “Our overall intention is for our guests to experience healing and awakening, while ultimately raising the consciousness of the world,” adds Powell.

For more information and to book your visit, call 844-346-8072 or visit


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