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Letter from Publisher

Gerry Powell, my editor Erin and myself devouring a
meal at Rythmia. I really enjoyed my food!

Gerry Powell, my editor Erin and myself devouring a meal at Rythmia. I really enjoyed my food!

Natural solutions and preventative medicine are here to stay and rapidly gaining momentum. Plant medicine is quickly becoming mainstream. Evidence supports the positive results that people everywhere are experiencing. We are beyond burying things under the carpet. Mother Earth has proven to us that we cannot hide our garbage anymore. As the saying goes, the truth shall set us free and this month’s community spotlight featuring Gerard “Gerry” Powell, founder and CEO of Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, is a powerful one. Gerry’s life was transformed overnight with one plant medicine session. Since then, he has made it his mission to share the benefits of healing plants with as many people as possible. While some may try and classify these plants as recreational drugs, nothing could be further from the truth.

       Working with medicinal plants is not about getting high; it is truly about healing the body, mind and spirit. Many have overcome serious addictions after discovering plant medicine, while others have healed themselves from a variety of physical and emotional conditions and/or became more acquainted with their spiritual self.    

       It brings us back to the historical role drugs have played in the East and the West. I feel that the recognition of the medicinal qualities of these plants are hitting mainstream just in time to help save our troubled world. Society encourages certain behaviors, which therefore encourages the use of certain substances, like alcohol. We tend to focus on intoxication rather than insight. Here is where the shift is happening. After the 1960s, studying the effect of hallucinogenics took a dive almost to extinction. Drugs like cannabis were listed as narcotics even though they have proven medicinal benefits.

       Hemp and CBD products are healing all kinds of ailments. CBD reduces inflammation and increases focus as I have personally experienced. Doctors are seeing patients safely wean off opiates and sleep medications. Pain relief is another major benefit of these healing plants.

       Embracing all of this new information and removing our preconceived notions and stigmas is the challenge. I am doing my best to educate our readers. Did you know that you can take CBD products via vape, tinctures, lotions and/or water solubles? While the word vape brings many of us right back to that “smoking pot” image, it’s actually the quickest way to absorb the plant’s medicine in some cases. Unfortunately, a woman with hot flashes sticking her head in the freezer can be laughed about; however, give that same woman a CBD vape and she may receive scorn.

        May the march for natural plant medicine remedies be as strong as our recent women’s march.

         ~ Elaine Russo


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