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Letter from The Publisher

Needed down time with my mover and shaker friend and tv producer/director Mags.

Needed down time with my mover and shaker friend and tv producer/director Mags.

Wow! This month’s editorial themes on Living Courageously and Meditation makes my monkey mind swing from limb to limb—and out on a limb, too. First stop is my publisher’s photo featuring me and my dear friend Mags, a talented documentary producer who is the epitome of living courageously. Meditation is a much-needed modality to cope with her career choice, like many of us. Thankfully, we have wonderful practitioners in town like Julie Chippendale and her mindfulness classes to keep us on path.

        And speaking of fabulous practitioners, Michael Mitchell with Body Solutions 101 introduced me to Rolfing and inspired me to revisit the wisdom of the Enneagram. In addition, we have so many amazing networking groups including Carmenza David’s down-to-earth San Diego Business Connectors networking group; Judy Foster’s women’s wisdom group, the RSF network group; ITEX meet-ups with Art Kaliel and many more local groups serving up quite a platter of courageous entrepreneurs. 

        I applaud each and every one of you, mentioned above or not, for delivering San Diego the tools we all need for a healthier life. One thing that’s been on my mind lately is staying physically, mentally and emotionally healthy while aging. Getting older is not an easy task. Neither is letting go of our egos. Often we can’t see our lives for what they truly are until our personal empire collapses. When that happens, we can finally see the wizard. Why is this? As many of us know, it’s really hard work to look into our own private crystal balls.  We constantly toggle between the past, present and future. Staying in the present and out of the ego is by far the most challenging of all. It’s why hitting bottom can produce such positive results. It makes us get real with ourselves and remove victimhood from our lives so we can make the changes needed to create a positive difference in our lives. 

        I’ve never liked roller coasters, not as a kid, and certainly not as an adult. When peer pressure got to me and I had to ride, I would only agree to riding on Space Mountain.  As most of you know, it’s a roller coaster in the dark. For some reason, riding in the dark was more palatable to me. What I couldn’t see, couldn’t hurt or scare me. I could let go and enjoy the feeling of the ride taking me wherever it needed to go without worrying about what was ahead of me. 

        I definitely look outside the box for reasons and cures. When I find it, I deliver it.

I look to our readership and all our advertisers to help support alternative health. Next month look for our newest section devoted to caring for our aging population. The Baby Boomers aren’t exactly booming. Many of our senior citizens need our attention and compassion from finances to health and everything in between. Helping others helps our selves.

In honor of Valentine’s Day this month, I hope you remember to send an abundance of love to the most important person in your life—beautiful, wonderful, amazing you.



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