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I am a water person. I grew up on Long Island and my summers were filled with visits to either the local Levittown community pools or the beaches. When I moved to Florida years later, I immediately fell in love with the warm salty ocean. Windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, sailing and swimming were definitely some of my fondest memories. I moved to San Diego after being immersed in the warm Atlantic Ocean for a decade. I remember my first attempted swim in the Pacific Ocean—it lasted less than five minutes. Not long afterwards, I took up surfing and made peace with having to wear a wetsuit. The transition was worth the sacrifice of having to bind myself in neoprene. Stand up paddle board is my newest favorite water sport and a fantastic way to float on the cold water. I’ve included some of my favorite quality surf products and services in my directory for my fellow water lovers.

       Speaking of floating, if you haven’t yet immersed yourself in a float tank, you need to make it a goal in 2017. Float tanks are a great way for everyone to enjoy the benefits of water floatation in a safe and controlled environment. You don’t need to know how to float, swim or be a water lover to enjoy the experience of floating at Float North County.

       Floating helps to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, fight addiction, relax, eliminate pain, and yes, even meditate. I hear it keeps getting better the more you float. I tried it once and loved it so much I can’t wait to return for future floats.

Float North County is located at 991 Lomas Santa Fe Dr., Ste. D, Solana Beach. For more information, call 858-925-6069 or visit


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