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Interview with Sammy Bounmy

Founder of Pacific Beach Holistic Center

All that is, is all that is. God is all that is. God is Love. Love is God. Om. Peace. Amen.

When you hear Sammy Bounmy recite his favorite healing mantra above, you’ll probably get that same warm, fuzzy feeling that you get when you’re doing a group om in yoga class. In fact, just talking to Sammy will add more sparkle and sunshine to your day. That’s because this modern day yogi goes out of his way to ensure a connection between himself and any other being on the planet.

Bounmy is on an exciting voyage of self-realization, and he’s assisting anybody who feels called to join him for the ride.  One look at him and you might find it hard to believe that this gentle soul was once a U.S. Marine. “I grew up on the rough side of Riverside, Ca. I didn’t want to be exposed to what I was being exposed to anymore so I joined the Marine Corps as a stepping stone to get out of that environment,” recalls Bounmy. Although a life-long career in the Armed Services wasn’t for him, Bounmy feels very connected to those who serve in the military. “One of our missions is to introduce the healing arts to veterans and their families,” he says. You also might not guess he is an ex-bartender as well. “Believe it or not, bartending is a very healing environment,” he affirms. “You really get down to the soul of the person who is sitting on the barstool across from you.”

Serving others is what drives Bounmy. “I’ve always been a healer at heart,” he shares. “For the longest time, I just wasn’t sure what role I would take.” However, about three years ago, Pacific Beach Holistic Centerthings began to shift for him. “All of these life enhancing events were happening to me and I began seeing things from new perspectives,” he says. “And I allowed myself to experience myself as Spirit in the world.” In 2011, even though he was unsure of what his next step was, he quit his bartending job. “When we let go, make moves or change, our movements and choices help heal ourselves and gives strength to others connected to us,” he says. “And it allows for new experiences to come in so that we can continue on our path, consciously.”  While leaving his bartending job at the Grand Del Mar helped move him along, he still wasn’t sure what to do with his new life—until February 2, 2012 when he had an experience that completely altered his life. “I was in a very deep meditation and energy healing session being facilitated by two very intuitive and powerful friends, Lisa Van Es and Kurtis Swizter. I was in a state of bliss consciousness for almost two hours where I was propelled into cosmic consciousness and the higher realms, it was instant Samadhi!” he says. That experience catapulted him into a new level of awareness, “I am now experiencing life as Spirit in body, experiencing life as consciously as I can, free from the illusions of the world.” Soon afterwards, Sammy became a Reiki practitioner. “All I could focus on was living my dharma and being in divine sync with my calling. Spirit began bringing all of these remarkable people into my life and I knew that we are all here for a very special reason, for individual soul evolution,” he shares. “I also realized that I am the creator of my life and that I’m consciously writing the stories that are going to be in my own book. Spirit made himself Pacific Beach Holistic Center San Diegoknown to me and I knew that I was doing my part to allow more light into this world.”

One way Bounmy’s been bringing in the light is by clearing out the things that no longer serve him, and encouraging others to do the same. How does he achieve this? “Yoga is the gateway to everything,” he says. “And meditation is the greatest tool for us to connect with God. Both help us to detach from ignorance and reconnect with our highest sense of self and feel absolutely loved.”

After going through these amazing, spiritually heightening events, Bounmy created PB Holistic Center. “Spirit has allowed me to create a space for others who are very passionate about living their dharma and sharing their gifts with others,” he says. “It’s a place that unites people from all healing modalities.” He welcomes a wide variety of healing arts to the Center; space for yoga and meditation classes, educational workshops, monthly celebrations and other events. “Opening the Center was to help bring in more beauty and light, to help people heal, and to remind them of their life’s purpose,” affirms Bounmy. “We are all special and unique beings, yet we are all so intricately connected. And we are all here to use God’s power to create more beauty, to love and appreciate life, to heal ourselves and others, and to grow awareness and ascend in the finer vibrations of consciousness as we awaken into a new reality. It’s such a beautiful thing.” Pacific Beach Holistic Center

Sammy Bounmy is an entrepreneur, visionary, modern day yogi, a gifted intuitive Reiki healer and helps others with healing, transformation and ascension. He is always at his holistic center either reading books, practicing yoga, meditating, planning future events, or strengthening his bonds with everyone by co-creating life together.

For those of us that might be feeling a bit of divine discontent, Bounmy says to welcome it. It’s all part of this amazing journey we’re on in life. “As we enter this new age of consciousness, we are in a place where there’s no limitation and no fear. Just fellowship, love and bliss,” he says. “It is truly the most beautiful and loving place.”

Location:  1950 Garnet Ave., San Diego, Ca. 92109.  For more information, call 858-337-0889 or visit

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