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Catching up with Michael Mitchell, Rolf Method of Structural Integration Practitioner

Michael Mitchell, owner of Body Solutions 101 in Solana Beach, loves reflecting on the evolution of his life. In his 20s, he left bustling Los Angeles and moved to Encinitas for its beach town vibe. “I love the ocean. It’s great for your health; I have to be near it every day.” While he spent years remodeling homes, and found the work to be rewarding, it was also stressful, and Mitchell dealt with common aches and pains associated with his profession. “Like many men, I suffered from the legitimate addiction to workaholism,” he says. “Because of it, lots of things in my life suffered. When I turned 30, I realized it was time to figure out some of my issues.”

        This awareness led him on a new path of healing and transformation. “All these anxieties and fears started coming to the surface. But, I was willing to go into it—even if it was uncomfortable. I never wanted pills or a quick fix,” he recalls. “I really just opened up my eyes to what I wanted out of life.” 

        While Mitchell was taking an extended break in Hawaii, trying to figure out his life, a friend suggested he get "Rolfed." “I’d never heard of it before,” he says. “So, when I came back to Encinitas and was told, again, to get Rolfed, I paid attention.” He soon discovered local Rolfing practitioner, Sherwood “Woody” Fulmor, and made an appointment to see him. “Woody was a very mature, integrated guy who created a humorous and safe environment for me while he pushed his hands into areas of tension like no one else ever had. He was actually the first male I could really talk to on a deep, deep level, which was powerful for me.” 

        Mitchell’s Rolfing experience was nothing short of profound. “I felt a lightness I hadn’t felt in a long time. I knew after that first hour this was the career path for me,” says this skilled practitioner, who recognizes that many people liken the Rolf Method of Structural Integration to deep massage. “It’s much more complex and systematic,” he explains. “Rolfing is a form of soft tissue body work where the practitioner works on you from head to toe to find out what is pulling you out of balance. We’re going into the areas of tension and releasing them, so the body can began unwinding and reorganizing. Rolfing is all about recognizing patterns. It’s about going from uptight to upright and creating a friendship with gravity, so we move with ease.”

        According to Mitchell, we all have unrealized potential as human beings, but many of us aren’t motivated to discovering this truth. “We don’t come into this world knowing how to love ourselves. But we can learn. Life is really exciting, and our bodies are such amazing gifts. And we all have so much to share with others. It’s a great experience for others to see that you can show up and take care of yourself.” But, he says, many of us are so distracted and resistant to change that we haven’t yet figured out how to get the most out of life. And many of us are stuck in chronic pain. “Pain, whether physical or emotional, is a wake-up call. That’s the good news! It’s a signal to take care of yourself. The cure for pain is the pain. When we go into our pain, that’s where we find the liberation. The whole idea is to wake up, go into it, and the healing results from doing that.”  As the old patterns and distorted emotions leave the body, we get our energy, joy and humor back. 

        Mitchell says he loves watching the process of his clients gradually feeling better and feeling freer in their bodies. “It’s so rewarding. Their pains go away, their excitement level expands, and they shift on so many levels,” he affirms, adding that the magic is in finding the courage and humility to overcome what holds us back. “All we really have to do is be open and willing to change. We all have so much potential for growth and healing. It’s amazing what can happen in a short amount of time. When people are ready, positive things will happen. Being stuck doesn’t have to be part of your life.” 


Body Solutions 101 is located at 535 N. Hwy. 101, Ste D, in Solana Beach. Call 760-715-2122 for a free consultation or a $50 first time session.  


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