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Yoga on the Sand

Denise Reppenhagen, owner of Swell Yoga, invites all to enjoy Beach Yoga every Tuesday evening from 6 to 7:15 p.m. starting June 5 through September 25. “Vinyasa Yoga will be on the sand at D Street, in Encinitas. Head down the stairs to the beach and yoga will be held to the south of the stairs on the sandy overlook,” she says. “Take your yoga practice outdoors; nature is waiting! There’s nothing like doing yoga, oceanfront on the sand under the blue skies while watching seagulls fly overhead in Triangle pose. Be amazed by the waves, dolphins and ocean sounds. Saturate your body, mind and soul with the salty ocean air.”

       This seasonal offering happens during the summer months only, and starting in September, class will begin at 5 p.m. “This is your opportunity to challenge or take your yoga to the next level. No walls, no barriers, just nature surrounding you for this special summer event,” says Reppenhagen. Private sessions are available for yoga and cardio/strength workouts, too.

       Reppenhagen started her career path in fitness in the '80s. Inspired by an innate drive to live a life of health and fitness, she teaches a variety of classes including cardio, strength, yoga, Pilates and spin. With a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and a master’s degree in nursing, her knowledge of the human body is apparent in her classes where proper alignment and safety are key.

       AFAA and yoga certified, her classes are inspired by a "have fun" attitude and to get a great work out. Guided by many masters of yoga, and a background in fitness and Ashtanga yoga, she brings a strong yet graceful blend to the yoga practice by combining a variety of styles into her vinyasa yoga class. “The opportunity to share my love for healthy living, yoga and fitness is a privilege,” she adds. 


Cost: $10 or buy a practice book of 5 sessions for $40. For more information, call Denise at 760-420-1496 or find Swell Yoga on Facebook at



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