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The World’s First Ever Stem Cell Activation Patch

Brad Hunsaker, founder of Vitality Wellness Center in Encinitas, is excited to help spread the news about a new product from LifeWave, Inc., a company known for changing the field of health over the past 15 years with their PhotoTherapy patches. “After 20 years of research, LifeWave just came out with the world’s first and only Stem Cell Activation Patch that uses our body’s own infrared light to ‘activate’ our own stem cells, producing extraordinary health benefits, including age-reversal of our skin and major organs,” shares Hunsaker.

      As clinical studies show, age-reversal is now a reality with the X39 Stem Cell Patch, along with other immediate benefits such as pain relief, increased energy, mental clarity, improved sleep and increased collagen production.

      According to Hunsaker, the X39 Stem Cell Patch doesn’t inject or put anything into the body—it uses PhotoTherapy. “Specifically, the X39 Patch harnesses the infrared light that the body emits and reflects this light back into the body to activate our own stem cells, producing dramatic anti-aging effects in just weeks—not years,” he explains. “In just two weeks I experienced more energy and mental clarity than I have had in decades. The patch is 100 percent safe, effective and affordable.” 

Vitality Wellness Center is located at 2210 Encinitas Blvd., Ste. G2, in Encinitas. For more information, call 760-845-2905, email or visit



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