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Gift Annuity Life Estate Program

Tina Buchanan MSW, Aging Life Care Ambassador and founder of Visionary Care Consultants in San Diego, is excited to discuss a program she is passionate about, called the Gift Annuity Life Estate Program.

       Buchanan speaks highly regarding the benefits to seniors. “I love the idea of this program,” she says. “It’s a great option for seniors who have extra equity in their home and need an additional income stream.”

       According to Buchanan, the gift annuity life estate, also known as Gale, is ideal for those 70 years or above who need additional income to cover medical expenses or improve their lifestyle, have a property debt to equity ratio that is 30 percent or less, are charitably inclined and desire to leave a legacy, and don’t have any beneficiaries or heirs to their real estate property.  “With gift life annuities, you donate your home to a charity foundation and have guaranteed monthly income for the rest of your life,” she says. “The program has great tax benefits and is more flexible than a reverse mortgage as you don’t have to live in your home. You can rent it out so you can travel, or whatever you want. It’s totally up to you.”

Tina Buchanan MSW, Aging Life Care Ambassador, can be reached at 619-228-3584 or by visiting For more information on The Charitable Gift Annuity Life Estate Program, visit


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