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Letter from The Publisher

First time on Eco friendly lightweight surf board.

First time on Eco friendly lightweight surf board.

Healthy food is our theme this month, and thankfully we are blessed to be surrounded by healthy food choices in San Diego. After a month of learning more about the gut and how food affects it, I feel inclined to default to sharing my new fascination with mealworms due to its novelty.

        Many of us locals love to surf. And we also know that—like most of our human toys—surfboards are not exactly eco-friendly. Recently, I took a three-hour tour (sounds like Gilligan’s Island, eh?) at EcoTech Surf where owner Ryan Harris is making strides to change all of that.  In the green spotlight on page 19, you’ll learn that one of the ways Ryan is helping to green the surfboard industry is with meal worms, who literally eat unwanted surfboard foam and it comes out the other end as organic soil.  How amazing is that? Toxins go in, and organics come out! I am happy to announce that I will be on one of Ryan’s eco-friendly boards enhancing my experience and relationship with the ocean. 

        The expression “my gut feeling” holds a whole new meaning to me now. Our gut is the core that rules our physical and mental health and on page 13, local nutritionist Isabelle Yang shares this truth with us. While it can take more time and money to prepare healthy food, as we are orchestrated by our busy personal schedules and tight budgets, the benefits are enormous. San Diego has a vast amount of healthy food choices to choose from as more and more home delivered organic food delivery services and even drive-through organic restaurants are popping up.

        Balancing mind, body and spirit is not an easy job, unlike the mealworm. Reprogramming our brains is often necessary. Dr. Danielle Chavalarias, owner of InnerOptimal in Encinitas along with her daughter Marie-Laure Wagner, is our community spotlight this month offering NeurOptimal-neurofeedback a holistic approach to brain training. I hear from many of my community partners how this modality has changed their lives for the better.

        I find that so much of my life correlations get entwined with my advertisers as I gather local information to compliment our national editorial. This month is loaded with local editorial and talented practitioners. I added a Senior Section after getting to know Tina Buchanan with Visionary Care.  I am simultaneously involved with busy professionals and emotionally spent children, siblings and friends who need help with their aging parents. Delegation is so important for the future health of our Baby Boomers.

        Our national articles can always be found on our website at if not in my printed version. I do urge my readers to read online for environmental and deeper educational reasons. Like the mealworm, digest it and share what you learned with others.


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Letter from The Publisher

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