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Envision Personalized Health

An Integrative Approach to Wellness

photos courtesy of Joy PhotoArt – Jeffrey Brownstein

photos courtesy of Joy PhotoArt – Jeffrey Brownstein

Vickie Nickerson, owner of Envision Personalized Health in San Diego, loves being able to offer her clients an integrative approach to wellness. “To be truly an alternative health care professional we have to consider the whole person. Mind, body and spirit,” she says. That’s why Envision Personalized Health clientele have a whole wellness team available to them with a range of services including personal training, Pilates, yoga, nutrition, acupuncture, Ayurveda, massage therapy and spa services. “People come to us through many different avenues; some looking for fitness, some with pain, others to improve their lives and increase longevity,” explains Nickerson. “Having multiple disciplines of health and alternative health care practitioners under one roof gives the patient the best care and options possible.”

Envision Personalized Health​Nickerson shares that having an onsite team also allows practitioners to collaborate with one another and come up with a comprehensive approach that moves clients/patients forward in their goals. “The practitioner is also supported by this integrative environment by having access to like-minded professionals to brainstorm solutions to difficult cases,” she says. “The office support allows the practitioner to be fully present and focused on the patient, not on paperwork and billing issues.”

Another benefit of the integrative approach to health is that each Envision Personalized Health patient/client has a central chart which practitioners may access with patient permission. “That way, if a primary practitioner is on vacation or unavailable and a patient has an acute health issue arise or finds free time for self-pampering, any team member can follow the chart,” says Nickerson. “Our clients love having everything under one roof and a team of health professionals caring for them.”

Location: 4620 Alvarado Canyon Rd., Ste., 14, San Diego. For more information, call 619-229-9695 or visit


Allison Roedell Natural AwakeningsAssistant Publisher's Pick

Envision Personalized Health

Back in February of this year, Natural Awakenings Assistant Publisher Allison Roedell, booked her first-ever acupuncture appointment with Envision Personalized Health’s on-staff acupuncturist, Jessica Goldthorpe, LAc. “At the time, I was feeling overwhelmed. So I made the appointment to see if acupuncture could help with the stress,” recalls Roedell. Afterwards, Roedell said she felt relaxed and energized. “It definitely helped reduce my stress levels,” she said. At that point, she knew that she could add acupuncture into her healing regimen. 

Envision Personalized Health​Roedell has had several more treatments at Envision Personalized Health, and in each case, the acupuncture helped. “I went for carpal tunnel pain, and that disappeared within two days,” she says.  “I also had some digestive issues that were helped with acupuncture.” Roedell notes that every session was different, but all were equally effective. “Jessica consulted with me each time before the treatment. I felt that she really was trying to get to know me as a whole and take the time to figure out what’s going on. She’s intuitive, insightful and skilled at reading the energy of a Envision Personalized Healthperson’s body.”

Envision Personalized Health is located at 4620 Alvarado Canyon Rd., Ste. 14 in San Diego. For more information, call 619-229-9695 or visit


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