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Safe Breast Health Monitoring

Thermal Imaging Shows What Mammograms Can’t See






Breast cancer has touched the lives of nearly every woman in America. If you haven’t had a direct experience, then chances are your mother, aunt or friend has had to deal with this modern plague on women. There is a controversy when it comes to knowing what is the best and safest way to monitor breast health. Aren’t mammograms good enough?

            “Not if you’re interested in true prevention,” says Certified Clinical Thermographer Lisa Kalison-Tota, owner of Discovery Screening. “By the time a mammogram sees a mass the size of a pea, it has been incubating for 8 to 10 years. And, that pea size mass cannot be seen in dense breast tissue—which 40 to 60 percent of women have. This is why mammograms are not recommended for young women. Yet younger and younger women are contracting the disease; the youngest girl found at age 12.”

            To find the earliest signs, Thermal Imaging (thermography) detects thermal temperature changes in tissue that have been shown to correlate with cancerous and, more importantly, pre-cancerous states. It utilizes an infrared camera to take images of the breasts without harmful radiation, no painful compression, and is as easy as sitting for a portrait.

            Kalison-Tota points out that, in the last 40 years, there have been more than 800 reported peer-reviewed studies on thermography, with more than 300,000 women evaluated. Some studies, which have followed women over 15-years, conclude “an abnormal thermogram is the single most important marker of high risk for the future development of breast cancer,” and that it is eight times more significant than family history.

Discovery Screening has clinic locations in San Diego, North County, Orange County and Temecula. Call 760-436-8811 or visit to learn more.


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