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Understanding the Risks and Benefits of Bitcoin

Southern California-native Jim Farren, president of Protech Consulting Solutions, a division of Protech Enterprises, Inc., realizes that people are confused when it comes to crypto-currency. That is why he is dedicated to educating others on how to understand Bitcoin without needing to read the endless blogs, articles and online posts. “It’s important to understand the risks and benefits of crypto-currency, and Bitcoin in particular,” he says.

        Farren shares that the first Bitcoin transaction took place in 2009. “A lot has happened in the interim but the most significant developments and visibility have occurred in 2017. Since crypto-currencies, by definition, are global, the rapid rise in the adoption of Bitcoin is impacting every country on the planet,” he explains. “Bitcoin has finally caught the world’s attention and those who take the time to understand what’s happening, why it’s happening and the potential consequences will be the ones to benefit from this evolution in currency exchange. The benefits could be enormous in scope and impact, both on the protection and growth of personal wealth.”

        Farren says that his company has a unique way of investing in Bitcoin while at the same time hedging that investment against Bitcoin volatility. “It won’t make you a millionaire overnight…but it could over time. Most importantly, we can help you to ‘get in the game’ and learn about this fascinating development in global exchange,” he says. “Our focus is on getting involved with crypto-currency for ‘fun and profit’… with an equal emphasis on both.”

For more information, contact Jim Farren at 760-670-3244 or


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