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Kundalini Yoga for Stress Management & More

Tina Fitzgerald, owner of CommuniTea Yoga & Meditation in Oceanside, says that the level of healing she receives from Kundalini Yoga never ceases to amaze her. It wasn’t long ago that she was suffering from complete burnout. “My nerves were shot. I was in severe adrenal fatigue and just physically and mentally exhausted,” she recalls.  “While I thought I had a handle on my very busy and lucrative career, I really didn’t.  I worked hard and played hard. After many years of this lifestyle I became addicted to benzodiazepines and caffeine just to keep up the rigorous, stressful pace.”  

       During these times of high stress, Fitzgerald says she dabbled in yoga and meditation, but neither modality made it to her daily priority list. “As we age and get more responsibility, along with great monetary success, we need tools to help us cope.  Unfortunately, I picked the wrong tools.  The pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol and sugar just helped me kick the can down the road a few years.  The yoga and meditation I was practicing was not at the level or speed that my body needed.  Once I hit pre-menopause, those tools no longer helped me cope, and some of them actually sped up my demise.”

       Although the travel and lifestyle of being a “big business” woman was taking its toll on her body, she kept on pushing. “I was a slave to the money, the lifestyle and the recognition of being at the top of my game,” she explains. “My health had deteriorated to the point where I couldn’t look at a computer or television screen. I had daily debilitating migraines and severe allergies. I couldn’t even drive in a car because the motion was too much for me.”

       After countless visits to doctors along with a plethora of pharmaceutical prescriptions and diagnoses, Fitzgerald finally found an endocrinologist who tied it all together for her. “Everything happening to me was because of stress which included my corporate career and the ‘tools’ that I used like drugs, alcohol, yoyo dieting, hard core workouts and sugar combined with other medication like birth control pills.  All of this and then perimenopause created a ‘perfect storm’ in my life.”

       And then she discovered Kundalini Yoga. “I have been astounded how healing this style of yoga is. It was exactly what my body and soul needed,” says Fitzgerald. “I have been able to restore my nervous system.  My endocrine system came back into balance and started to work normally; I have strengthened my body and come back to my center. The improvement is simply amazing. I actually look younger than I did several years ago and many Kundalini yogis find this to be true for them.”

       Since then, she has been able to wean herself off all medications, including a thyroid medication she was told she’d be on for life.  “I attribute this all to Kundalini Yoga,” says Fitzgerald, who shares that Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga to the West in the 1960’s and taught thousands of kriyas (yoga sets). “This practice consists of specific meditations and kriyas that work on particular areas of the body that need strengthening.   In my case, I need to do the three-minute Addiction Meditation daily. There are other sets specifically for adrenals, kidneys, heart, the endocrine system, spinal flexibility, stress management, brain function and more.”   

       Fitzgerald, who now teaches Kundalini Yoga every day at her yoga center, says, “I am so grateful for everything that happened to me because it led me to this beautiful practice.  Now it’s my mission to help heal others with this powerful yogic technology. We’re all being bombarded by the challenges and burdens of everyday life and becoming less connected with each other as we get more attached to our electronic devices.  Technology is great, and can certainly help us come together and to grow and shift our consciousness. However, it can also cause more stress on our bodies and psyches. We must be conscious to not lose our communion with each other and our true selves. Yoga is another word for union.  Let’s restore our health and balance, connect and unite.”


CommuniTea Yoga & Meditation is located at 609 Vista Way in Oceanside. Senior and veteran discounts. For more information, call 760-721-9642 or visit On Facebook and Instagram @CommuniTeaYoga.


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