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PSY-TEK: The Latest in Subtle Energy Testing

Mar 30, 2011 08:11PM ● By Lynn Priest

Science fiction fans drool every time they see Scottie beam up the Star Trek crew to the USS Enterprise. While the technology needed to energize and transport America’s most famous space team—Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Bones, Worf, Data and Geordi—may not be here yet, the generation of machines that it takes to read their energy fields, is. Bob Hertz, a computer scientist and co-owner of Psy-Tek Subtle Energy Testing/Research Lab, gets a big kick out of working with several of these high-tech machines. Completely at home with sophisticated communications equipment and computers in a laboratory setting, Hertz is a man far ahead of his time. A serial entrepreneur, he has created several companies, one of which automated pediatric cardiology at Children’s Hospital San Diego 25 years ago.

Since 1996, Hertz has been working with Mary Clark, Ph.D., a psychotherapist and energy healer, focusing on health systems, alternative methods of healing and non-invasive methods of assessing health for allopathic and integrative physicians, nutritionists, craniosacral therapists, acupuncturists and chiropractors. “You name the field, we’ve worked with the practitioner,” he says.

In 2001, Hertz and Clark came up with the idea of creating a subtle energy testing lab and began exploring non-invasive equipment that claimed to be energy based. “There are a lot of scam artists involved in this field, and as a computer scientist and programmer, I wanted the best equipment, so I wanted to see data, and not just listen to opinions,” advises Hertz.

Because health practitioners such as acupuncturists and massage therapists can’t order tests such as X-rays and MRIs, Hertz and Clark searched for cutting-edge equipment and advanced health technology in body scans that reveal cellular level statistics, life energy patterns and other wellness information. Some of the laboratory equipment looks at subtle energy systems within the body and how their components affect physical connections. “Practitioners use the images produced to help their patients understand what is happening internally and energetically,” Hertz explains.

Bob Hertz and Mary Clark
Bob Hertz and Mary Clark

An Electro-Interstitial Fluid Scan (EIS), approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration, is a biofeedback device that can measure disease patterns and cell activity related to systemic body functioning.

Electro-Photonic Imaging, or EPI, uses Kirlian photography, a technique for recording photographic images of plasma discharges and the auras of living plants and animals. The EPI process involves photographing fingertip emissions on a special crystal film plate to measure and display bio-energy fields such as life energy patterns, chakras and elements of consciousness.

Psy-Tek also offers high-tech medical thermal imaging, known as thermography, which is now growing in popularity with women in search of non-invasive breast screening. According to Hertz, it can provide early detection of potential disease and disorders some six to 10 years earlier than mammograms or ultrasound or MRI tests. “We don’t read thermography images,” advises Hertz. “We simply upload them to a group of physicians, which creates a full medical diagnostic report.

“The Psy-Tek lab neither diagnoses or treats clients,” Hertz continues. “Rather, we offer our information services, which act as information roadmaps that help medical and alternative health professionals and their clients.”

Psy-Tek Subtle Energy Testing/Research Lab, 740 Garden View Court, Ste. 209, Eincinitas 92024. Call 760-733-6000 or visit