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April 2011 Publisher Letter


Natural Awakenings of San Diego has been busy planting seeds in our organic garden of web marketing. Our new website will be live by April 1, and readers will be able to share our bountiful crop of articles, blogs, newsletters and other interesting items. What we don’t fit into our printed magazine garden will be planted on our website.

Consider our new website as your San Diego “green home,” where you are welcome to visit anytime and make yourself comfortable while browsing for the latest sustainable living products and services. Many thanks to my Marketing Director, Gloria Taylor Brown, who passionately cultivates sustainable community partners at all San Diego gatherings and green events. She plants them in our newsletters for all to share. Please subscribe to our newsletter and digital magazine, which leave no carbon footprint.

San Diego is ripe with events for April. The 20th annual Earth Day celebration, in Balboa Park, is one of the largest in the nation. Other exciting events, such as Head to Toe, the second annual Natural Baby Fair, Healthy Skin from the Inside Out and the Outside In, garden shows and street fairs all have one thing in common: they showcase green products and services. This demonstrates that the trend to create a sustainable way of life is happening everywhere. Even the local barn owls, Hoot and Holla, at the Water Conservation Garden, give a hoot about sustainability.

Gloria Taylor Brown
Gloria Taylor Brown

Our soft economy has thousands of people holding multiple jobs to make ends meet. Some of them are local ecopreneurs, who struggle financially to get the word out about their green products and services. Alternative energy incentives will be reduced in time, so act now, not later, to support our sustainable living community partners, such as Hubbell & Hubbell, whose creative ideas are helping to green our community, and Duke Doudna, co-founder of the Yoga Oasis, who role models sustainability for his students.

We can proactively prime our local economy and take responsibility for our financial health. The residual income we spend now on going green will help save money—and the environment—in the future. Waiting for our federal, state or local government to take action is not the answer, just as waiting for the doctor to make us healthy doesn’t work. It has taken 20 years for integrative medicine to become a familiar phrase, and epidemics of diabetes and obesity to finally focus the public’s attention on healthy eating. We don’t have 20 years to waste, waiting for someone else to build us a more sustainable environment.

Dr. Funfack, an internal specialist and nutritionist, is coming to San Diego to present his revolutionary approach to health, eating and losing weight: Metabolic Balance. He is also offering an opportunity to improve your financial health by becoming a certified Metabolic Balance coach.

Natural Awakenings came together on a national level and reached out to help Japan. Let’s join hearts and minds in San Diego, so we can make it one big, green home and garden for all of us to live in.

Sustainable smiles,

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