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Natural Awakenings San Diego

The Cleansing Center Now Open

Specializing in colon hydrotherapy, The Cleansing Center recently celebrated the grand opening of its Pacific Beach location at Holistix of San Diego. “We are excited to offer colon hydrotherapy as our primary service, helping people detoxify their bodies,” says co-owner Ruth Guymer. “It’s the fastest way to get rid of toxic chemicals in the body. People want to enjoy good health and feel vibrant. Colon hydrotherapy has an enormously positive effect on the entire body.”

In addition to colon hydrotherapy, The Cleansing Center offers raw food coaching, lymphatic drainage, superfood supplementation for intense nutritional support, enzymatic therapy to support the digestive and hormonal systems, Thai massage, pH balancing and nutritional counseling.

An experienced hydrotherapist with a background in general nursing, Guymer relocated to San Diego from Sydney, Australia.

Location: 4469 Morrell St., San Diego 92109. For more information, call 858-539-9355, email [email protected] or visit