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Natural Awakenings San Diego

May 2011 Publisher Letter


While growing up with three older brothers, I prayed regularly for sisters. Although I didn’t get them, I was later blessed through motherhood with two wonderful daughters.

Women like myself are realizing that they can achieve their dreams while raising families, or even later, by involving them. With the help of technology gurus such as Gus and Peter, with ITS, women are working remotely from home while caring for their children.

My circle of empowered women expands along with Natural Awakenings (NA) magazine, whose nationwide network of 87 publishers is largely comprised of women raising families while growing a magazine. Locally, the successful small businesswomen in our magazine are discovering the meaning of empowerment and how to achieve it with the help of Judith Balian, of Excoveries, who inspires and encourages our small NA-San Diego team with her Marketing 101 workshops.

A woman’s physical appearance remains important to her self-confidence; therefore, professionals like Pamela Allen, who offer non-invasive ways to maintain beauty without plastic surgery, are important to women in search of natural ways to look good and feel revitalized.

We encourage our readers to attend the various events featured monthly and to take advantage of local network groups such as

Gloria Taylor Brown
Gloria Taylor Brown
Women’s Wisdom, San Diego Business Connections, WINK and others. Classes and certifications offer valuable opportunities to expand services, and network groups provide connections that help to market and grow small business.

My editor, Linda, relished her longer than usual Staycation at Kate Stanton Inn last summer and discovered that the warm hospitality of innkeepers Liz and Carol, as well as the beautiful and comfortable accommodations, made it a great “girlfriend getaway” and the perfect place for business associates or relatives to gather—keeping them nearby, but not in your own home.

The one thing I know for sure is that, as Mothers of the Universe, women find a way to unite and stand up for what they believe. As a lifetime entrepreneur, I relate well to Julie Taylor, who not only warmly greets San Diego’s new residents and businesses with her Newcomers San Diego – Community Connections, but also shares her passion for community service work.

Natural Awakenings of San Diego would like to thank you for subscribing to our digital magazine. Please note that our complete Ongoing Calendar events will now be posted only on the website. Please get to know us online, which will make it even easier to Tweet and Facebook articles and events with a quick click.

In the coming months, we will publish an exclusive quarterly San Diego Natural Pet magazine, while keeping the monthly department in our magazine.

Smiles and wags,