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Green Dog Delights

Apr 26, 2011 05:59PM ● By Linda Michaels

Welcome, fellow dog lovers! Here’s a round-up of some of the best “green dog” products and services that San Diego County has to offer.

My Perfect Pet—“Real food for dogs”—offers products that meet the strictest U.S. Food and Drug Administration food safety standards, so they are even safe for human consumption. Founder and CEO Karen Scoggins reveals that with the massive pet food recall of 2007 and the loss of her dog, she was driven to develop a dog food that used only safe, fresh, all-natural ingredients. “Working with nutritionists and veterinarians, we created a restaurant-quality blend that provides maximum nutrition with the least processing, and no harmful preservatives,” says Scoggins.

My Perfect Pet also offers special dietary-need blends from a plan worked out by owners and veterinarians.

For your dog’s entertainment and holiday enjoyment, they carry “Party Bites” with yams, pumpkin and cranberries, taste-tested by the company’s chief taste officers, two family canines.

The public is invited to visit their zero-waste food production facility in Poway and observe the entire manufacturing operation, where all packaging is recycled.

Investing in healthier nutrition throughout your dog’s life eliminates a variety of health related issues and lowers health care costs—and a longer, healthier life is the best gift a pet parent can give.

For more information on My Perfect Pet, call 858-486-6500 or visit

Linda Michaels, MA, Natural Awakenings’ Roving Pet Reporter, showcases some of San Diego’s best “green pet” services and products in her column. An Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog” Victoria Stilwell Licensed Dog Psychologist and trainer, Michaels offers private, non-aversive, customized obedience and single-issue consulting. Call 858-259-9663 or visit