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Natural Awakenings San Diego

You Are Our Responsibility

Natural Awakenings Director of Marketing, Gloria Taylor Brown, formerly taught marketing at both college and university levels. Additionally, she was President and CEO of an advertising and marketing agency which specialized in helping small and medium sized businesses increase their sales and profits.

Here are her suggestions that will help you be successful:
1. If you are just starting, invite friends to experience your services, and then ask them to recommend you to others.
2. If you have an established customer base, ask these folks to recommend you to others.
3. You can use specials or coupons to help you accomplish these steps.
4. Find other providers with whom you can co-market.
5. Attend networking groups which have a business purpose. Introduce yourself and offer your services.
6. Advertise wisely to attract the type of customer you want to serve.
7. Provide excellent service, and always follow-up with your clients