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In the Business of EXCOVERIES: Judith Balian Facilitates the Wondrous Process of Creativity

Apr 26, 2011 02:23PM ● By Linda Sechrist

Attentively listening for the “golden nuggets” in her clients’ stories so that she can help them create the right image and marketing is all Judith Balian needs to produce a flood of endorphins that create an inspirational lift-off rivaling the thrill of a hot-air balloon ride. “Because I treat everyone’s business like it’s my own, it’s easy to get caught up in my clients’ accomplishments and excited and enthusiastic about what they are doing or how they built their business,” says the founder of Excoveries.

Balian, who helps small businesses, individual consultants, inventors and holistic practitioners to market their products and services, developed her sales and marketing savvy during 20 years in the corporate world. Her intuitive genius for working with people and getting to the heart of their dreams and goals is the result of years of experience and dedicated time spent studying to earn her master’s degree in psychology.

A whiz at creativity, Balian’s muse came knocking in 2004 during postgraduate work in expressive arts training. “My education and business background, as well as my combination of talents and skills, are especially valuable to small businesses, which generally find it difficult to name and describe the things that set them apart from their competitors,” advises Balian, who considers it her responsibility as a marketing consultant to listen between the lines in one-on-one dialogues until she hears word clues that allow her to brand unforgettable images and successful marketing strategies.

Jokingly referred to by clients as “the marketing shrink,” Balian is a woman with inherent talents to listen from the heart and create the kind of safe spaces that naturally encourage collaboration. “In my experience, I’ve found this is particularly important for women who found it easy to market a company or product in their previous career, but struggle as a business owner to market themselves and their own products or services,” she advises.

From craniosacral and massage therapists to chiropractors and divorce lawyers, Balian has developed distinctive differentiation. In the San Diego marketplace, with its glut of practitioners in every profession, Balian has a creative card—Artist Way workshops—up her sleeve to help anyone play their strongest suit. The nine-week classes are combined with expressive arts activities that inspire individuals to discover their creativity. “Even women who think they don’t have a creative bone in their body find they have a whole skeleton,” jokes Balian. “This is the really fun part of my business, where I get to help people explore and discover, which is where the name of my company came from.”

Sometimes Balian refers to what she does as midwifery. “I am so fortunate to be able to facilitate creativity, one of life’s most breathtaking and mysterious processes,” she reflects. “Whether it’s creativity in the form of birthing businesses or dreams, there’s nothing like helping someone to move beyond procrastination and their creative blocks. I love watching them come alive.”

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