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Glutathione: The Secret to Better Health

Apr 26, 2011 11:26AM ● By Carson Pay

Few individuals beyond the fields of functional medicine and natural health care have ever heard of glutathione. Fewer still know that this simple molecule is necessary to stay healthy and prevent disease. A recent Huffington Post blog by Mark Hyman, M.D., a practicing medical doctor and the founder of functional medicine, elevates glutathione to a new status, “The mother of all antioxidants,” and the secret to preventing aging, cancer, heart disease and dementia.

Produced naturally in the body, glutathione is a combination of three simple building blocks of protein, or amino acids: cysteine, glycine and glutamine. Hyman explains that the molecule’s power resides in the sulfur–based chemical groups it contains.

“Sulfur is a sticky, smelly molecule that acts like flypaper, and all the bad things in the body stick onto it, including free radicals and toxins such as mercury and other heavy metals,” says Hyman, who has been treating chronically ill patients with functional medicine for more than 10 years. Through his own patient research and study, Hyman discovered that our ability to produce and maintain a high level of glutathione is critical to recovering from nearly all chronic illness—and to preventing disease, controlling inflammation, fighting infections and allergies and maintaining optimal health and performance. He points out that authors of 76,000 medical articles on glutathione have discovered the same thing.

Poor diet, medications, stress, trauma, aging, infections and radiation, as well as pollution and toxins, all deplete the body’s glutathione, leaving it susceptible to unrestrained cell disintegration from oxidative stress, free radicals, infections and cancer. “Your liver also gets overloaded and damaged, making it unable to do its job of detoxification,” notes Hyman.

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