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ITS Team: Meeting in the Middle with Metaphors and Analogies

Apr 26, 2011 06:16PM ● By Linda Sechrist

The human use of spoken or written words as a system of communication generally comes with a set of special words that are dependent not only upon the country, state or region in which we live, but also upon our business or occupation.

Whether it’s academia or publishing, medicine or computers, jargon unique to the field of our expertise finds its way into our daily language, creating a challenge when we want to exchange ideas or information with others unfamiliar with our niche. This is particularly true in the field of information technology (IT), which involves the acquisition, processing, storage and distribution of vocal, pictorial, textual and numerical information.

The specialized field of managing technology, which has its own vocabulary, is known to a small group of professionals who converse in its acronyms and buzzwords that are often challenging to interpret so that the technologically challenged can fully grasp the concept.

Gianpiero “Peter” Rondinelli, of ITS Team, Inc., founded in 1995 by Gus Cervantes, is an IT multi-jargon specialist. Rondinelli prefers the title of computer therapist, because it accentuates his ability to multi-task with technology. “I work with IT, the people who design IT, the network engineers who keep IT up and running and the individuals and businesses who want IT service and solutions that will leverage their products or services and give them a competitive edge,” says Rondinelli.

Like any good therapist, Rondinelli’s pointed questions, developed over 15 years as a small business consultant, are intended to elicit answers that reveal not only specifically what the client wants, but also how important it is. Those answers also determine the monetary value the client places upon IT. This information is valuable to Cervantes, whose sharp listening skills and extensive business network are not simply self-serving.

“Often, my long-term business relationships in the industry and my broad understanding of a client’s IT needs are useful referral icebreakers, as well as time- and money-savers,” says Cervantes, who takes pride in befriending clients and looking out for their best interests.

Fluent in useful metaphors and analogies, Rondinelli uses them to help his clients clearly define their business goals. “Clearly defined objectives help our team of IT experts to design network solutions that match our clients’ needs and projected growth,” advises Rondinelli, who adds, “From an IT perspective, what you want something to do determines the specific technology, as well as the time, work and cost required to create it.”

Cervantes, who operates a small nonprofit organization in addition to ITS, is very sensitive to his clients’ costs and tight budgets. Leveraging the best solutions for the least amount of money, but always from a strategic and business continuity perspective, Rondinelli and Cervantes simplify, close gaps and remove the hazards and pitfalls on the way to solving their clients’ IT riddles. “We don’t write prescriptions, but our full-service IT outsourcing service and solutions can make businesses feel better,” the men say with a smile.

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