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The Lunchtime Facelift: Pamela Allen matches Outer Appearances with a More Youthful Inner Image

Apr 26, 2011 04:41PM ● By Lily Viola

Pamela Allen has helped hundreds of individuals align with their health and beauty goals. After several years of working as a nationally certified soft tissue therapist, Allen discovered her true passion: the mind/body/spirit healing connection. Training until she reached the master level in the Usui system of Reiki healing allowed her to focus on self-treatment, and then on others who were seeking energetic healing. Eventually, she acquired other certifications, including hypnotherapy and master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and NLP Time-line Therapy.

When Allen discovered the microcurrent system, she knew she’d found something that could help her clients and others see an aspect of their magical inner transformation when they looked in the mirror. “After more than a decade in the health and wellness industry, I got really excited when I found microcurrent facial and body sculpting, which produces immediate natural and long-lasting results,” enthuses Allen. For her, the real magic is helping individuals transform their outer appearance into one that matches their more fit and youthful inner image. “People look good and feel good after every treatment, and for any therapist, that’s great instant feedback,” she adds.

The non-surgical face lift uses safe and painless low-level electrical impulses to “reprogram” the facial muscles and bring collagen closer to the surface of the skin. Facial contours are uplifted and toned, and the complexion is left glowing as a result of the stimulated circulation. “The microcurrent actually mimics the body’s electrical system,” says Allen.

The skin’s ability to maintain its tone and elasticity is controlled by chemical reactions within and between its cells. Reactions are triggered by electrical impulses, and as the body ages, reactions slow down and skin loses its elasticity and suppleness. “Facial muscles attached directly to the skin begin to lose their tone, which results in loose, sagging skin and wrinkles,” advises Allen.

“The microcurrent treatment, which is commonly known in the industry as the Lunchtime Face Lift, is totally non-invasive, and 90 percent of the time, my clients fall asleep while I’m performing their treatment,” notes Allen.

Contact Pamela Allen, CMT, at San Diego Microcurrent, Facial and Body Sculpting, 2911 Adams Ave., Ste. 2, San Diego 92116. Call 858-353-9445 or visit