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New iMRS Intelligent Wellness Device

MediConsult, one of the leaders in home-use devices for pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), recently launched its new iMRS intelligent wellness device, which simulates the Earth’s natural electromagnetic fields and has biofeedback capabilities. An informational free public lecture about the device, featuring Mediconsult President and CEO Wolfgang Jaksch, will take place June 3, in Encinitas.

Pam Daugherty, a MediConsult technician in Encinitas, describes the benefits of the new device. “In our highly advanced technology environment of electro-smog, we are bombarded by harmful electrical frequencies from power lines, cell phones, microwaves, computers, digital clocks, TVs, stereo players, hair dryers, etc., that may be causing imbalances in our bodies. Healthy PEMFs improve circulation of blood and oxygen to all cells by bathing the body with a beneficial supply of high-energy electrons.” Daugherty continues, “The iMRS is a wellness device that duplicates the Earth’s natural PEMFs, both in intensity and frequency. It has a biorhythm clock, with energizing frequencies for the morning hours and relaxing frequencies for the evening.”

For more information or details about the lecture, call Daugherty at 760-815-1840.

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