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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Semi-Private Integrative Yoga Sessions Offered

To celebrate women’s health month, Return to Health, in Pacific Beach, will offer Yoga for You classes, semi-private integrative yoga sessions for women, May 3 and May 7, for the introductory price of $25 for a 90-minute session.

Providing individual support and introducing new postures into a power yoga routine, these sessions are taught by Susan Grant, HHP, and offer the one-on-one attention needed to safely understand the asanas and their effect on the body and emotional centers. Small enough to allow individualized attention and the ability to learn from other students, the classes offer a safe haven where women can thrive without worrying about their current level of physical coordination or how they look in tights.

“Yoga does not have to be something you set time aside to do,” says Grant. “It can be an effortless part of your daily life—walking the dog, reaching up to a high shelf or bending down to pick up the paper—these are all yoga postures in action. Yoga for You makes life easier.”

Cost: $25. Location: 2004 Hornblend St., Pacific Beach 92109. For more information, call 619-920-6294 or email [email protected].