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Maria Sinai: Finding the Joy of Living

May 30, 2011 09:33PM

Men and women are both subject to the vague sense that there is more to life than what they are currently experiencing—and that it’s possible to feel better about themselves. Those feelings of self-doubt and imperfection stirred Maria Sinai’s passion for self-discovery and led her to a Core Energetics practitioner that helped her transform her life.

After learning to open up, feel her disowned emotions and allow herself full expression, Sinai began experiencing authentic joy and satisfaction. Her life-changing process sparked a desire to master the techniques that she offers her clients today.

Core Energetics is a system of body-oriented psychotherapy that bridges psychology and spirituality. It focuses on a holistic process involving an extended concept of consciousness encompassing body, emotion, mind and spirit.

Since moving from New York to Solana Beach, Sinai has been working with clients that have a desire to embrace more joy in their lives and are willing to explore the transformation with a wise, caring and experienced therapist.

In her quiet and tranquil treatment space, Sinai moves gracefully to welcome clients and invite them to examine their innermost feelings about the issues that trouble their lives. By combining multiple techniques with Core Energetics, she has created a healing modality that melds the best of several methods she has mastered.

Sinai’s system has the ability to create a rapid change in an individual’s life. Clients can achieve self-realization, eliminate inner conflicts and live happier, more productive lives.

Connect with Maria Sinai, in Solana Beach, at 619-977-0636 or visit

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