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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Yoga Massage: A Fusion for Pure Awareness

Dr. Barry Green, founder of Body Mind College and four other schools, including International Professional School of Bodywork, in San Diego and Los Angeles, has developed a new method called yoga massage.

A fusion of a basic healing touch massage with practices from yoga nidra, yoga massage provides the recipient with the opportunity to connect to the deepest level of being, through purusha, or pure awareness.

The training emphasis for practitioners is to direct the attention inward and hold that inner space, connect to the true nature in another and support a freeing of what is not, and then to touch with the power of love, awareness and life energy. Practitioners have the ability to hold a yogic state and facilitate guiding another to that same state with the help of loving massage touch.

The first yoga massage session is focused on connecting to the process of this unique method through the body. Subsequent sessions incorporate other aspects of yoga practices, such as meditation on light, using pure sounds and guided visualizations.

For more information on yoga massage or becoming a certified practitioner, email Barry Green at [email protected].