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Ken D. Foster: Empowering Greatness in Entrepreneurs

May 30, 2011 09:33PM ● By Linda Sechrist

Best-selling author, international speaker and business strategist Ken D. Foster, founder of Premier Coaching, has successfully coached top entrepreneurs, authors, public speakers and other coaches for more than 17 years. Whether Foster is sharing his success formula for expanding an email list to 200,000, growing a business from zero to $100 million in sales, creating more than 1,000 joint ventures or the secrets of how he has hosted 500-plus teleseminars with America’s top speakers, he generously shares his strategic blueprints with his audiences and clients.

As one of the country’s leading figures in the science of business, leadership and human excellence, Foster draws from his wealth of business experience and personal wisdom to ask powerful questions in Ask and You Will Succeed. His poignant questions elicit life-changing insights and have empowered thousands to bring forth their greatness into the world.

What does it mean to bring forth your greatness into the world?

Your “greatness” is your unique abilities, gifts and skill sets that emanate from your soul. By finding your passion and doing what you love to do as your life’s work, you can not only grow and evolve emotionally and financially, but also spiritually. Most people don’t relate to growing a business with spiritual evolution, but when you become conscious of what is working and what is not, and then do what it takes to find the strength within to overcome any obstacles to success, it becomes a spiritual quest. When we look at our businesses from a point of evolving spiritually, we become conscious of tapping into the soulful power within us, which allows us to draw from our inner wisdom, joy and love, which ultimately creates abundance. To sum this up: As you grow, your company will grow.

 The majority of individuals believe that success depends upon listening to the advice of others, so why did you title your book, Ask and You Will Succeed?

In my own career, I noticed that there were a lot of people giving out an impressive amount of advice. When I recognized that much of it wasn’t working for me, I began asking myself questions and listening inwardly for the answers. A good example of how this works is a friend of mine, Mark Victor Hansen. He would tell you that he asked himself at least 300 times, “What’s the perfect title for my book?” before he got the answer: Chicken Soup for the Soul. Another is Albert Einstein, who asked many times, “What’s it like to ride a beam of light?” before he got his famous formula for relativity, E=mc2. These answers were not found in some lecture, they were found in the infinite, creative mind that resides in all of us.

The thought-provoking questions in my book, Ask and You Will Succeed, are related to the creative laws of success and are crafted to be self-directed inquiries that have made a difference in the careers and lives of tens of thousands. I wrote the book to shatter the myth that your success depends upon the advice, hard work or ambition of others. If you get still and quiet your thoughts, then ask yourself these life-changing questions, you will hear the words and direction from your own voice. This is where your true power and wisdom are found and where you will find the strength to create your ideal life. In other words, when you learn to ask the right questions, you become the final authority in your own life—not relying upon outside forces that you can’t control.

How have you applied these questions in your own life?

One of the first things I found about asking powerful questions is that the answer is in the questions you ask. So I asked myself, “What would be an amazing business that I would like to do for the rest of my life, that would empower myself and others in positive ways?” The answer came back a few weeks later: “Coaching.” That was the day, in 1994, that my company, Premier, was born.

What is unique about Premier Coaching?

I specialize in entrepreneurs—authors, speakers, trainers and coaches—and help them to put together their business structure. While entrepreneurs are generally very creative, with great ideas and concepts, organizing a structure around their business is their biggest challenge. I begin by helping them to define their “true north:” their vision, values and purpose, as well as the unique, authentic messages that they want to convey to the world via their business.

Another challenge for entrepreneurs is building a team, so they can create more than a “mom and pop” business. If they have no team to work with, I help them put together advisory groups, mentors and a business mastermind group—individuals that are already successful entrepreneurs, so that every week, they meet on the phone with their mastermind partners, who help them expand possibilities and keep them accountable and on target in the pursuit of their goals.

Frequently, the entrepreneurs that I work with are business owner who are stuck. These multi-taskers have mastered everything they can as an entrepreneur, and are looking to take their business to the next level, in order to build an ongoing, sustainable income. When a business has the right advisors, mentors and a business mastermind, their business tends to fast-forward.

A good example is a young woman who wanted to contribute her gifts to the world by being an in-demand public speaker, with amazing products. We found out what was unique to her life story and developed a theme: Living Bold. We gathered advisors and mentors, formed a mastermind group and then created a Living Bold brand and website. Now she is well on her way to creating website products and services around her brand.

If you could share only one tip for success, what would it be?

In business today, collaboration is the name of the game. This means that if you are an entrepreneur and you are not masterminding with other entrepreneurs, you aren’t achieving your full potential in your business or personal life.

Contact Ken D. Foster at 760-798-4290 or visit

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