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Natural Awakenings San Diego

July 2011 Publisher Letter

Living simply is what San Diego does! I remember when my sister-in-law from Florida visited me more than 10 years ago. We went to La Jolla Shores and she rode a boogie board while I skimmed the waves on my surfboard. She was in awe of how much activity was going on around San Diego all day long. I laughed when a large group of scuba divers emerged from the water just as she exclaimed, “I can’t believe how active people are here!” Today, we see surfers and stand up paddle boarders everywhere.

We live in a community of abundance that is blessed with glorious weather year-round. Our streets constantly bustle with people walking with their pets and friends, and it’s not unusual to see surfers along the side of the road, changing into work clothes after riding a few waves. Because I consider San Diego one big, natural amusement park with an endless list of available activities, I wasn’t surprised when I overheard a tourist from New York City asking, “Does anyone work in San Diego? How can they make a living if they are always out playing?”

At age 37, after moving to San Diego from Santa Monica, I took surfing lessons from Izzy Tihanyi, the owner of Surf Diva. Izzy is a good teacher and I learned quickly. Due to increased interest in stand up paddleboarding (SUP), her business has grown so much that she now has 60 instructors.

Two years ago, I developed such a severe hip problem that I could no longer surf or walk more than a quarter-mile without pain. I took up SUP and so did my husband, Jack, and many of my lady friends, who went with me to Carlsbad Stand Up Paddle Board. It’s an easy, enjoyable location for learning and practicing.

I’ve just regained my ability to enjoy a pain-free walk on the beach, thanks to good surgery. It was also helpful to have access to medical marijuana to ease the pain while I healed, rather than relying on prescription painkillers, which made me nauseous. Enjoy our informative article on Infinity Wellness, the local dispensary that assisted me in choosing the right form that was best for my needs.
Our magazine is honored to have Archi’s Acres, Wounded Warriors Homes and Father Joe’s participation in our July issue, a great month to honor our veterans and country as we celebrate our nation’s freedom and independence. Let’s all take time to support and salute them and others for everything they do.

If you’re planning an Independence Day picnic, check out Lara Osborn’s Green To Go lunch ware. Kids love the colorful, waste-free lunch kits for school days, but Lara’s eco-friendly line is also great for any “green” family that appreciates the old-fashioned fun of summer picnics. Everyone loves this simple, outdoor pastime, and Judi Bryan, an Organic Lifestyle Coach, can help you plan a scrumptious picnic that’s healthy, too.

This summer, we will launch our new quarterly sister publication, Natural Awakenings Pet. Please look for it at all our existing distribution locations and many others coming onboard. Pets are important members of our healthy, holistic community, too!

Smiles, salutes, wags and purrs,