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MicaGem Fragrance Available at Ubuntu

Ubuntu Hair Studio is now offering Humana Man and Humana Woman, special, limited fragrances from MicaGem, a company dedicated to improving the lives of those less fortunate around the world.

For every bottle of Humana Man and Humana Woman sold, MicaGem will donate one mosquito net to a child in need through Project Mosquito Net, a grassroots nonprofit organization that provides insecticide-treated bed nets to children and pregnant mothers in Kenya to prevent malaria infections and death. Mosquito nets are a simple, effective, low-cost way to prevent malaria, which kills more than 700,000 children in Africa each year.

Located in Solana Beach, Ubuntu is a full-service hair studio dedicated to changing the way consumers purchase beauty products and services, with a focus on contributing to humanity and making a global impact.

“At Ubuntu, we love finding products to share with our clients, and we always look for products that we need and use on a regular basis that give back at the same time,” says owner Dawn Ellinwood Denslow. “MicaGem offers a perfect mix of pampering and giving back to the big picture.”

Location: 109 S. Acacia Ave., Solana Beach 92975. For more information, call 858-792-5959, email [email protected] or visit