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Natural Awakenings Pet - Letter from the Publisher

The premiere issue of Natural Awakenings Pet has been a learning journey for our staff. Until we began exploring the many aspects of the pet business, none of us realized how much time, energy and money we invest in our four-legged companions nationwide—more than $80 billion annually.

Things have certainly changed since I owned a pet—a beloved Australian shepherd, Heidi, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge many years ago. Today, integrative medicine and natural products and remedies are more mainstream in the pet world, too. Another heartwarming change: therapy pets that visit hospitals and nursing homes with volunteer handlers. Pets offer love and companionship and bring smiles to all of us.

Publishing Natural Awakenings Pet has also given us new opportunities to become even more involved in the community. We are sponsoring several upcoming pet shows: Cardiff Dog Days of Summer, the third annual Doggie Street Festival and the Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon. Bring your family and friends to experience the fun and support our pet community. We hope to see you at all our events, whether as an exhibitor, speaker, visitor or sponsor.

Special thanks go to our advertisers, that not only helped to make our premiere issue possible, but also work to enlighten pet guardians about what’s best for their faithful companions. Rebekah Peterman of Sunnybrook Farm, a female version of the legendary Dr. Doolittle, is the subject of our Community Spotlight and an exemplary pet professional. Amy Hodges, owner of Wholesome Choice Pet Market, and Ann Thomas, owner of Tigertail Foods, provide valuable information about how nutrient-dense pet foods can keep dogs and cats vibrant, healthy and allergy-free.

Companions of bath-averse canines will appreciate a trip to Dirty Dogs, and those with furry friends that misbehave will be relieved to learn that nearly every problem can be solved at Beckman’s Dog Training Center, owned by talented trainers Joel and Liz, who previously trained killer whales.

We also thank the individuals and businesses that sponsor our adoption spotlights—they help us find permanent homes for animals in need, and our goal is to have more sponsors in each issue. We welcome any suggestions and information about pet-related events, and invite you to visit our website and email us. You can sign up for our newsletters and digital magazines online to receive our publications as soon as they’re available.

Our Natural Awakenings Network program is available for pets, too. For the majority of pet owners that do not have pet insurance, this program offers generous discounts on San Diego’s various pet products and services. Contact us for more details.

Another big “Thank you” goes out to Animal Planet’s Victoria Stillwell and Linda Michaels, who continue to promote and endorse our Natural Pet.

We also want to share a picture that really is worth a thousand words. Just look at that surfing dog photo!

Smiles, wags and purrs,

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