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Horses Available for Adoption

In today’s slower economy, horses are losing their homes at alarming rates due to owner foreclosures, loss of jobs and income and rising hay and gas prices. FalconRidge Equine Rescue, a nonprofit equine charity in Valley Center, currently has several horses available for adoption.

“Horses are America’s newest pet,” says co-founder Nicki Branch. “You do not have to ride them—you can take them for walks. That allows horses with lameness issues to find homes, too.” Branch adds that being around horses can improve the health of individuals, lowering blood pressure and heart rates, while providing a way to get exercise.

Branch encourages those interested in acquiring horses to consider adoption. “We are looking for loving homes for life for our very special horses and have all breeds and ages available,” she explains. “Horses are rescued from private owners who need to re-home them due to financial issues; from abandonment, abuse and neglect cases; or saved at auction. We provide veterinary care and rehabilitation for the horses and adopt them out with contracts for life.”

To view the horses available for adoption, visit For more information, call 760-742-0285, email [email protected] or visit

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