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Natural Awakenings San Diego

August 2011 Publisher Letter

Jul 29, 2011 09:07AM

This month’s theme, Kids & Family, initially sent me down Memory Lane, and then on a personal mission to recapture two of childhood’s most priceless gifts: joy and laughter. After a strenuous month of publishing two magazines—this one and the premiere issue of Natural Awakenings Pet, our new sister publication—I acted spontaneously and bought an airline ticket to Panama City, Florida, to visit my girlfriend of 50 years.

As I sit here, soaking up sunshine, sharing warm memories of a lifetime friendship with a BFF, I am reminded that laughter is a miracle medicine for the heart and soul. An instant connection to childhood, it takes us back to when it was natural to play and enjoy a deep connection to nature—things that become more challenging as we grow up. This mini-vacation is also reminding me to honor the essential ingredients for joyful living—playtime and nature—each day, as both are too easy to forget when I feel overwhelmed with technology and magazine duties.

As a mother of two daughters, I recognize that these are challenging times for parents and children. This is why our August issue is full of helpful information on everything from good nutrition to mindfulness meditation that can ease a child’s anxiety. Included are valuable how-to tips from local resources such as Ari Tenebaum, co-owner of Revolution Landscapes, and Dr. Lindsay Hoffman, of Chiropractic Health & Happiness. Ari wants San Diegans to have healthy and chemical free-lawns that their kids can play in, and Dr. Hoffman is enthusiastic about natural alternatives for children’s recurring ear infections.

Join Natural Awakenings and support our advertisers that are adding momentum to our “natural revolution” for parents. Artists such as Cecie McCaffery teach children and adults how to recapture the spark of enthusiasm through art and creativity, while Kelly Colerick, founder of Step Ahead Educational Services, introduces to parents how exercise can improve the academic skills of children with learning disabilities. And Lara Osborn, owner of Green To Go, encourages children to participate in making a difference with Earth-friendly lunchware.

Alternative schools in our area also help children expand upon their natural state of vibrancy. The Rock Rose School for Creative Learning offers an early childhood program that cultivates a youngster’s capacity to think clearly, feel compassionately and act purposefully. A Child’s Garden of Thyme provides preschoolers with a natural, homelike environment, where they can experience life at their own pace and learn through their senses. And The Waldorf School of San Diego is a place where learning is an engaging voyage of discovery of the world and one’s self.

Most of my friends are parents. As we share successes and failures, we all have one thing in common: Our kids are individuals who will make their own choices and mistakes and become their own person, in spite of our expectations. The only control we have as parents is over their food, environment and the tools we can give them to find their way in a very complicated, fast-moving world.

Hug your kids today and every day. Keep it simple.



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