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Expressive Arts Founder Contributes to Book

Judith Balian, founder of Excoveries, based in Encinitas, is a contributor to the newly published book, The Creative Connection for Groups: Person-Centered Expressive Arts for Healing and Social Change, by her Saybrook University mentor, Dr. Natalie Rogers.

After finishing a two-year program in expressive arts at Saybrook in 2005, Balian began to help people discover the creativity within themselves. She believes that expressive arts can be life-changing, both personally and professionally. “I had spent many years in the corporate world, which often does not value or promote creativity, and I did not consider myself particularly creative,” says Balian. “Expressive arts changed all that for me, and it has for the people in my classes, as well.”

Although she had kept a written journal for more than 20 years, Balian was amazed by what happened when she began to draw, something she hadn’t done for decades. “The point is not to create a beautiful picture,” she explains. “It’s about making images in order to access the right side of your brain and tap into your intuition. Other expressive arts, such as movement, allow us to receive hidden messages that our bodies have for us. And when different expressive arts are used in combination, the results are exponential.”

Balian uses expressive arts in her classes based on The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, which has helped millions of people reclaim their creativity.

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