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Natural Awakenings San Diego

September 2011 Publisher's Letter

Aug 31, 2011 07:32AM

The term “creative expression” brings to mind many concepts, among them resourcefulness, intuition and the ability to trust your calling and go for it. I meet people every day that are reinventing themselves in order to thrive in our challenging economy. Many of these individuals turned the stress of losing a job into a blessing, when they looked within and found their life’s passion and purpose. Beyond a doubt, today’s demanding times call for more creative thinkers.

Bartering is a form of creativity, and I endorse the phrase, “Barter is smarter.” Recently, I joined ITEX, a trade exchange that allows people to connect with and utilize services that otherwise would not be financially feasible. I’ve used it as an effective way to network and create new business. In fact, because of my membership, I was able to spend an extended week on the beautiful beaches of Florida for less than $100.

Bartering is an economically creative way to share our resources with one another without reaching in our pockets. It teaches us to consume only what we need and allows us to treat ourselves to nurturing services without feeling guilty. Spontaneous barter arrangements have afforded me some of the best times of my life, so I know that it’s not always necessary to plan ahead and save for years to enjoy what you always wanted to do. You may find things through ITEX that you didn’t even know you wanted to try.

Our Community Spotlight on The Greenasium Fitness Center focuses on how two brothers and a best friend created a green gym environment that is attracting eco-friendly clients, even in a challenged economy. Statistics show that people are not only seeking green businesses and products, but are also willing to spend more money and time on them, because they want to help their communities and the planet.

Dr. Patricia Ariadne, featured in our Healthy Mind article, has written an important book, Drinking the Dragon, with a powerful message about how we can learn to work through our suffering and find our creativity, passion and purpose in life, instead of self-destructing. Entrepreneurs like Roseann Haslett and Veda have used their passion and creativity to grow their businesses. Dr. Steve Paredes, a chiropractor and owner of Solana Beach Health Center, has also been innovative, adding yoga therapy and other methods to help his clients heal and reach their goals.

Creativity is vital for the future of our children and the planet. We need imagination and inventive ideas to prepare for and adapt to a rapidly changing world. We also need to spend more time paying attention to our dreams and listening to our hearts. Our personal economy and state of being will improve naturally if we look within to make changes.

Smiles to a new you,


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