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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Veda: Bringing Out Clients’ Inner Beauty

Aug 31, 2011 07:32AM ● By Lily Viola

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, where’s the image that reflects my all? Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt like the person gazing back at you didn’t reflect the essence of who you are, or the beauty of your inner character? Individuals in search of someone that can create a truer image that better reflects their internal nature need look no further than the salon chair in the peaceful sanctuary that belongs to Veda. More than a hairstylist for men and women, Veda applies her 30-plus years of experience as an artist, cosmetologist, esthetician and spiritual coach to working one-on-one with clients that leave feeling as if they’ve had a “healing experience,” rather than a haircut, while at her salon, Veda’s.

A painter, whose mural of the solar system appears in the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, in San Diego’s Balboa Park, Veda has adorned her salon walls with celestial art. Lovingly attending to clients in her environmentally friendly workspace, she uses the same intuitive approach to cutting and styling hair as she does to her canvases. “According to Eastern philosophy, the hair is the antenna of our body, or in another school of thought, it is the root of the nervous system,” says Veda, who was raised with a Sufi family and has studied the healing arts in India, Southeast Asia and Europe. She has been able to see auras, the electromagnetic energy field surrounding the body, since age 3.

An aura cutter and hair balancer, Veda works with the body and its energy centers, or chakras. “People are giving their energy to me and I am giving mine to them, and in the process, I am intuiting how to bring out their inner essence and beauty,” advises Veda, who uses hair coloring, organic facials, makeup and assistance as a personal shopper to help her clients.

She also provides them with an aura consultation, which differs from a psychic reading. Veda sees blockages and helps individuals move through them, so they can open up to the world. “After the right hairstyle and color, many clients who were afraid to project themselves, had the confidence to change that,” she notes. As an environmental chi enhancer, Veda also removes blockages and balances energy in the home environment.

Location: 4024 Ibis St., Ste. C, San Diego 92103. Call 619-298-VEDA (8332), email [email protected] or visit