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The Artist’s Way with Judith Balian

Aug 31, 2011 07:32AM

Since 2007, Judith Balian has been offering classes that help participants overcome their creative blocks and move forward with their projects and dreams. Using Julia Cameron’s groundbreaking book, The Artist’s Way, as a basic text, along with powerful, expressive arts activities, Balian provides a safe space where participants can explore themselves and discover creativity they never thought they had. New nine-week afternoon and evening classes begin on September 13, at Soul of Yoga, in Encinitas.

The classes include the traditional Artist’s Way check-in and sharing, followed by expressive arts activities such as image making, sculpting, writing, movement, visualization and role-playing. Balian believes that it is the process, not the art itself, that helps participants get in touch with their right brain, or intuitive side. “You don’t need artistic ability or special talent to get the full benefit,” she explains.

Each week features a new activity designed to spark imagination, inspiration and self-knowledge. In a unique process called Secret Selves, participants explore and gain perspective about different sides of themselves. “Many people have inner critics on steroids,” Balian explains. “When you forge a different relationship with your inner critic, you enhance your creativity and your willingness to take risks.” Another process Balian uses is called Wisdom of the Body, which utilizes art, movement and journaling to uncover hidden messages that each person’s body holds.

In addition, Balian is offering a new class this fall, Beyond the Artist’s Way, for people who have previously taken an Artist’s Way class or read the book on their own.

Location: 327 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas 92024. For more information, call 760-436-8848 or visit

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