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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Tri-Tonal Frequency: A New Paradigm in Energetic Healing

Suzanne Deshaies

Suzanne Deshaies, of The Indigo Star, is a Quantum Healing practitioner offering advanced energy modalities, including Tri-Tonal Frequency, to individuals and groups. According to Deshaies, Tri-Tonal Frequency is a new paradigm in energetic healing that reactivates a person’s own ability to self-heal and regenerate.

“As we stand at the precipice of a new era, humanity is poised to take an evolutionary quantum leap of consciousness, and we are all being called upon to free ourselves once and for all from that which limits us from being empowered and to reconnect with our authentic spiritual nature, to understand the truth of who we really are,” explains Deshaies. “As humanity continues to rise to this challenge, more advanced energetic modalities from the field of quantum physics are emerging to assist us. Such an example is utilizing Tri-Tonal Frequency.”

Deshaies continues: “The paradigm is a powerful, transformational energy process that is conducted from the quantum field, the space and place where all time lines and consciousness realities exist simultaneously, and where the Akashic records can be accessed. During a Quantum Healing session, new pathways are opened up that allow the body/mind consciousness to connect with the solution, so that balance can be restored. This is followed by an assimilation of the new information/energy that comes forward and creates an ‘awakening’ in consciousness and an expansion of self-empowerment. Because of this, many clients have referred to these sessions as ‘quantum awakening sessions.’”

With 15 years experience as a Quantum Healing practitioner, Deshaies is also a certified medical intuitive, workshop facilitator and teacher of Jain Chakra Meditation/Activation.

Sessions are conducted in person or by phone or Skype. For more information, call 888-526-8885, email [email protected] or visit