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New Life for Old Furniture: San Diego Upholstery’s Good-Looking, Green Solutions

Sep 29, 2011 03:13PM ● By Linda Sechrist

If, instead of a bed, Goldilocks had been in search of a comfortable chair or sofa to nap on, she would have tried out every piece of furniture in the three bears’ living room until she found the one that fit her body best. Like this fairytale character that didn’t settle for the second-best fit, some of us have spent hours searching through nearly every furniture store in town to find a comfortable chair or sofa.

After years of loving the life out of it, we cling to its familiar form while looking for a replacement—only to discover that the manufacturer has discontinued that particular furniture style. For individuals suffering from the not-so-rare “Goldilocks Syndrome,” there is a better and greener alternative than making do with a less than comfortable fit: re-upholstery.

While many consumers believe re-upholstery is a superficial affair that only involves putting new fabric on an old sofa or chair, it is actually an inside-out, bottom-to-top job that can transform an old piece of furniture, giving it new beauty and life for years to come.

An old sofa or chair with a good frame is well worth re-upholstering. If the frame, which is the essential element in the structure, is solid and made of a hardwood such as oak or maple, it’s better for the environment and the checking account to re-upholster, rather than buy new.

A major advantage of re-upholstering is the opportunity to choose from a panoramic range of fabrics in an almost endless selection of colors and textures. In other words, the second time around is better, because furniture can be customized to match and complement your decorating scheme. “We have just about any fabric, at any price, to fit any décor,” says Ramon Lopez, owner of San Diego Upholstery. Clients can choose from an exceptionally large selection of designer fabrics, such as Kravet, Robert Allen and many others, or they can provide their own fabric.

“The quality of our workmanship and the genuine care we take with each piece allows us to transform even the most used piece of any type of furniture, whether it’s a sofa, headboard, ottoman, seat, settee, an antique chaise longue or a modern pouffe,” advises Lopez. “Not only can we mend, sew, fix and repair all kinds of furniture, we also do re-upholstery for cars, boats and RVs.”

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Elaine's Publisher's Pick
I recently had my leather car seat re-upholstered, and it looks new. When other companies only wanted to patch it, I used my ITEX barter program to search for additional options, which is how I found San Diego Upholstery and Ramon Lopez. He re-upholstered the entire seat for the same price I was quoted for a patch job. And, my car was returned to me on time.
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