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Quiz Reveals Danger Signs of Domestic Abuse

Sep 29, 2011 03:13PM

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the United States, with good reason. The FBI estimates that every 30 seconds, a woman is seriously injured by her partner and every day, at least three women die from abuse-related injuries. To help prevent other women from becoming one of those statistics, Denise Moon, an advocate for domestic violence victims, offers a five-question quiz that pinpoints the danger signs of abuse.

“Taking the CAGED quiz could prevent injuries and even save lives,” says Moon. “Control: Are you still in control of your time, particularly your communication with family and friends? Abuse: Have you already experienced physical, emotional or verbal abuse from your partner, followed by profound apologies? Gut: What is your gut feeling about the health of your relationship—did you feel rushed into it? Do you feel happy or sad to be in your relationship? Equal: Are you an equal partner in your relationship, or are you dominated by your partner? Dependence: Have you become dependent upon your partner for even the simplest decisions you used to make for yourself?”

Moon, a registered nurse with a diploma in homeopathy, is also a survivor of domestic abuse. In her recently released autobiography, For One More Day, she shares her message of hope and empowerment, aiming to inspire survival and recovery. “There is no excuse for abuse,” Moon advises. “If it doesn’t feel right, take flight!”

For more information, visit and, the website for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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