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Natural Awakenings San Diego

October 2011 Publisher Letter

This month’s feature, “Water, Water Everywhere,” resonates well with me, because I am a “water baby” and immerse myself in it—by swimming, surfing and stand-up paddleboarding—whenever I can. However, there is a major difference between my 1990s attitude about water and my current, more enlightened one.

Today, I not only think more about the cleanliness and chemical content of water before diving into it, but I’m more aware that my personal conservation efforts are needed to safeguard this liquid gold when I’m showering, brushing my teeth, doing laundry or caring for the lawn and garden. Educating myself about water has led me to move from an attitude of, “There’s more than enough for everyone,” to awareness of the need for conservation and now to personal action. My Filtercon whole-house system eliminates any need for bottled water and home delivery.

For 16 years, our Natural Awakenings network of magazines has been publishing a Green Living department, so it’s no surprise that every one of our 87 publishers is excited to see more sustainable companies popping up everywhere. In San Diego, we are proud to be supporting sustainable businesses that contribute to the health of residents and readers, as well as the planet.

I derive great satisfaction from personally and professionally recommending businesses that offer readers more green options. Last month, we welcomed Pieper Plumbing to our list of green companies. This month, we invite you to check out Pure One Green, for non-toxic cleaning products, as well as San Diego Upholstery, which offers inexpensive ways to make your old furniture new by refurbishing.

We will continue to seek additional green entrepreneurs, as well as other individuals and organizations that are making a difference. History proves that small, focused groups can and do make big, significant changes—that’s exemplified by International Cooperation and Development (IICD), a nonprofit organization whose compassionate leadership is making a global difference in the lives of the poverty-stricken, infirm and elderly, as well as the children.

Locally, educational opportunities for sustainable living are also on the rise. After our recent power outage, I believe every San Diego resident should take the educational farm tour at Seabreeze Organic Farm—like me, you’ll gain a better understanding of why sustainable farms are the very foundation of local food security, especially when natural disasters strike. Special fundraising events like the ones offered by the Water Conservation Garden and Climate Ride California can also help educate us about how to better care for our natural resources.

Learning about sustainability, protecting and conserving our water and eating healthy, local foods are vital ingredients in the recipe for a vibrant community. Until recently, natural resources have been readily available to us. However, in the future, I believe they will be viewed and treated as valuable commodities—that’s why we need to adopt more Earth-friendly, long-term solutions and use new, green products that will sustain our living planet.

Smiles and green footprints,