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Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy

Ginger Marable

Ginger Marable, certified hypnotherapist and smoking cessation specialist, recommends hypnosis as a method for clients to quit smoking with a system that offers a lifetime guarantee.

“As a smoking cessation specialist hypnotherapist, I ask all prospective clients where they would rank their motivation to quit smoking, on a 10-point scale,” explains Marable. “If they answer anything less than 10, I ask what it would take to get them to a 10. Almost every response is based on fear: fear of failure, weight gain, trauma, cravings, stress or giving up a crutch. The one overriding fear of smokers is that it will be too difficult and too painful to stop.”

Marable continues, “Then I ask, ‘If I could absolutely guarantee that you will not fail, gain weight or experience terrible withdrawal, where would you be?’ The response is nearly always a resounding 10. This is vital for success because, in hypnosis, clients can never be forced to do anything that they do not already want to do.”

Through the hypnosis method, clients can have the desire for cigarettes completely removed in a way that is neither painful nor difficult. The hypnotist can then transfer any pleasure derived from smoking to a healthier habit of the client’s choosing, such as exercise, drinking more water or making better food choices. If the client ever returns to smoking, he or she can have a free back-up session.

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