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Rollover Dog Training Expands Outreach and Services

Samantha Mack, owner of Rollover Dog Training, recently expanded her dog training services business. Offering private training in the comfort of each dog’s home and neighborhood, Rollover utilizes positive reinforcement in the environment where the dog’s behavioral problems are formed and experienced most often.

“In-home dog training is very successful, because the dogs get undivided attention from the trainer, and sessions are formatted to fit the needs of each individual dog in real-life situations,” explains Mack.

A certified and licensed dog training expert, Mack’s positive reinforcement method includes the things a dog loves best. “I use lots of natural treats, toys and praise, because training should be something the dog looks forward to and enjoys, that promotes a healthy, respectful relationship with its owner,” says Mack.

Specializing in basic obedience training, overcoming behavioral problems, puppy training and healing, Mack can also teach more mentally stimulating tasks, such as turning lights on and off, retrieving specific items from the refrigerator and returning to close it, learning to recognize written words and more.

Rollover Dog Training supports pet adoptions and offers special discounts to pet owners of adopted dogs.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 815-541-3535, email [email protected] or visit